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Profcare Health is committed to providing person centred and highly skilled care to People with disabilities Who Require help with High Intensity Daily Personal Activities and Specialist Behaviour Supports

Our main goal is to normalise living with Disabilities. We believe that inclusion is providing equal access and opportunities in order to fully have choice and control over how and when your services are delivered. 

We work with participants and their families to : 

  • Reduce avoidable hospitalisation for chronic health conditions 
  •  Consider the biological, psychological and social factors that influence a person’s health as part of their assessment and treatment interventions. 
  • Deliver core Supports for assistance with Daily tasks  and Capacity Building to promote long term independence 
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Our Mission

Our healthcare service focuses on supporting people to improve their quality of life by creating an inclusive environment built on trust, respect and quality.

We aim to be an integrated healthcare provider that works collaboratively with public, allied  and  community health services to promote better health outcomes .

Meet Our CareTeam

Erica Operations Manager at Profcare


Operations Manager

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Clinical Services Director

Our Values



We understand that our clients have full and equal human rights to make their own decisions on how they want to live and we respectfully offer the support they need.



We encompass honesty and adhere to principles of professionalism in our everyday delivery of care.



We thrive to deliver genuine transparent and Ethical Services. We take into consideration weaknesses and strengths and empower our clients to lead purpose driven lives.



We follow the best practices, adhering to quality and safety, risk assessment and minimization.

Cultural And Linguistic Diverse Services (CALD)

At Profcare, we believe in the power of diversity and inclusion. We proudly offer our wide range of disability services to clients from all cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Our commitment to embracing diversity ensures that everyone feels valued, respected, and understood. For more information on this, please refer to our CALD Services page.

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