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Community Participation

Community participation is an important aspect of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Australia. Our services will help to promote social inclusion, build social networks, and support the overall well-being of people with disabilities. These community activities can be a trial or ongoing basis.

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Some of the activities we assist participants with are: 

  • Fun Athletic activities such as  
    • Swimming at the local pool or  
    • Accessing the local gymnasium 
    • Fun Nature and park walks including  local park runs  
    • Fishing 
    • Watching Footy games  
  • Social and community activities such as: 
    • Visiting friends and family in their homes or restaurant  
    • Coffee hangouts , brunch  with mates or movie groups  
    • Concerts or  
    • Attending community events 
  • Well being activities such as: 
    • Yoga therapy or even a retreat if you have Respite services in your plan  
    • Art therapy classes even online access support  
    • Music lessons 
    • Accessing the local library or book club  
    • Going for a therapeutic drive  
  • Self-Care Moments: 
    • Attending Hair, nail and beauty appointments 
    • Dreaded trips of going to the bank and post office 
    • Grocery Shopping 
    • Medical appointments