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Complex Care Nursing

Our complex care service helps support individuals with disabilities who have complex needs and require highly specialized and individualized care. Complex care services are designed to support individuals with multiple and complex disabilities, including intellectual, physical, and sensory disabilities, and to help them achieve their goals and live as independently and fully as possible. 

You can expect the following services:  

  • Full Nursing Assessment 
  • Developing treatment plans 
  • Case management 
  • Setting up and information on medication 
  • Medication administration ,education and  supervision 
  • Wound assessment and care 
  • Stoma care 
  • Respiratory support 
  • Continence assessment and management 
  • Palliative support 
  • Diabetes management 
  • Dementia management 
  • Hospital stay after-care 
  • Overnight nursing care 
  • Monitoring of vitals 
  • Education for participants and their families 
Young happy black nurse working at residential care home and looking at camera